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Forge Adjustments

Thank you to everyone who played Realm Royale this past weekend! We received a lot of feedback from the community concerning some changes to the Forge that were implemented last Friday. Based on active discussions in the community, we have released another update today focused on the Forging system:

  • Class Legendary Weapons can no longer be obtained through world chests
  • You can now forge Class Legendary Weapons for 200 shards and 2 chicken trophies
  • You can now forge Non-Class Legendary Weapons for 120 shards and 1 chicken trophy
  • You can now hold up to 3 Chicken Trophies

Our Thoughts

It’s a great adjustment, that will massively affect the gameplay. It should reduce the amount of class specific legendary weapons that are floating around, and also make them harder to get earlier on – hopefully making fights less one sided in the early to mid-game.