UPDATE (25/06/2018) – Further Adjustments have been made to the Forge – Click Here to View

Forge Adjustments

We have made several loot changes to the weapons that come out of chests strewn across the map and what can be crafted in the forge. Crafting Legendary weapons, often the first time you visit a forge, allowed players to increase their lethality at a rate that outpaced the armor collection. This resulted in a shorter time-to-kill in the mid game. Dropping Legendary loot in the world we hope makes it more exciting to hunt for loot and will smooth out the overall experience.

  • Legendary weapons can no longer be crafted at the Forge.

By re-adjusting the forging it should hopefully stop overpowered players demolishing slower players with legendary weapons. Though we did like the idea of being able to craft them – we hope they revisit this system and create a playable workaround.



  • Turret damage is based on rarity.
  • Fire Bomb no longer inflicts self damage.


  • Wall bug fixed to be available at all rarities.
  • Stone Spear damage reduced.
  • Fireball cooldown increased and projectile size reduced (previous hotfix).
  • Ice Block Duration reduced.

Assassin: Sniper Rifle projectile speed improved.

Hunter: Longbow projectile speed and size improved.

It looks like mages have been nerfed – meaning there’s less reason to fear their OP fireball spamming-burst attacks. And with Hunters being powered – hopefully we’ll see more usage of the Longbow again.


  • All class legendary weapons are elemental.
  • Projectile weapons no longer have bloom.
  • Spirit weapons have been renamed to Lightning and received projectile updates.
  • Legendary weapons may now drop from chests and weapon chests.
  • Elemental class specific weapons may now drop from chests, weapon chests, and zeppelin chests.

New Weapon! Auto Rifle

  • Added to the game.
  • Automatic rifle with a slow rate of fire.

Crossbow: Projectile speed and size improved.


  • Reduced refire rate.
  • Accuracy increased.
  • Reworked damage falloff and damage per pellet.

Venom Pistol:

  • Renamed from Poison Pistol to Venom Pistol.
  • Changed to hitscan.
  • Damage and rate of fire increased and accuracy reduced.
  • No longer drops at Epic or Legendary rarity.


  • Projectile speed and size improved.
  • Slug Rifle
    • Projectile size improved.

Crossbows are now usable weapons – As the projectile speed has received a boost. And the introduction of a brand new weapon, should really shake up the close/mid range fights.

Patch Highlights

  • When starting a new match, players will spawn as their last used class from a previous match.
  • Made improvements for picking up items in the world.
  • Players can now heal in fog.
  • Eliminated chickens now drop a Chicken Trophy, which can be collected to forge legendary weapons. Chicken Trophies replace the nugget/chicken leg mechanic that was previously awarded automatically to the killer. Chicken Trophies can be picked up for 30 seconds following an elimination.
  • Health and armor potions will now automatically get picked up by players who run near them, unless the potions have been deliberately dropped by a player.
  • Base fog damage increased from 1% max health to 1.5% max health per tick.
  • Players can now apply some mid-air braking while skydiving.
  • Added the following keybindings in the settings:
    • Inventory screen
    • Free cam
    • Swap weapons
  • Reworked landing animations to be smoother.
  • Chicken skins will now only apply to the owner of the skin rather to the owner and victims of the owner.
  • When legendary armor is equipped, players now see a corresponding golden glow on their character’s body.
  • Improved the visual presentation of switching classes.
  • Weapons and abilities can no longer be used while playing a hard land or a skydive land.
  • Teammates’ colors are now consistent for all team members. For instance, if a player is assigned green, they will appear green and have a green waypoint marker for everyone else on their team.
  • The fog progression bar on the HUD now has a numbered timer representing the time until the fog is complete.
  • The inventory screen has been updated, allowing players to drop health and armor potions, along with detailed information for weapons, abilities, and armor.
  • Various HUD and icon improvements and updates.


  • Added new forging sounds to help players know that a forge is active.
  • Updated footstep audio to vary between surface materials.
  • Improved forge and skydive audio.
  • Improved audio cues for hitmarkers and damage alerts.
  • Added sound effects for using health and armor potions.
  • Added different sound effects for when you deal headshot damage, armor damage, and regular damage.
  • Added new sound effects for taking damage from Sniper Rifle.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where elemental icons for legendary weapons were showing up in the inventory but not in the bottom right HUD.
  • Fixed a bug where firing weapons while swapping did not damage the target.
  • Fixed a bug where zoom toggle was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where players could drop potions infinitely while consuming them.
  • Fixed a bug where players could float forever in skydive when pressing S.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in mount pose.
  • Fixed a bug where players could drop a potion while consuming it, causing it to duplicate.
  • Fixed an issue where two items of different rarities could be equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become permanently stealthed.
  • Fixed bug with inventory keybind not saving.
  • Fixed bug with player carrying duplicate weapons.
  • Fixed bug where items on top of one another occluded pickup.
  • Fixed bug where shard count was displaying incorrect amount of shards.
  • Fixed various environment collision bugs.
  • Fixed bug where players could not see cooldowns replicated in spectator.
  • Fixed some animation glitches.
  • Fixed bug where Longbow reticle would not go away when mounted.
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes get stuck in the aiming state.
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes not hear weapon audio at far distances.
  • Fixed an issue where players could drop multiple Shield Potions.
  • Fixed an issue where killing players would sometimes drop their daggers as weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where during spectate, if player had a dagger, its icon would show as a sword.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revolver headshot sound would play twice.
  • Fixed an issue with items being stuck in consumable chests.
  • Fixed a bug where the mount could jitter as players moved.
  • Fixed a bug where the armor health bar was shorter than the health bar.

Our Thoughts

Overall, it’s another great patch with a ton of needed balancing. Which should lead to more intense gun fights, which in turn are less one-sided.
We’ll be playing it heavily over the next few days to see the effects first-hand, and it’s worth noting that there may be a another smaller tweak/balancing patch in the next few days – following the same pattern as the last patch.