If you ever played Realm Royale, you know that every Class got 3 slots for different abilities that can be used offensively or defensively. So you should always mix and combine them to become a 6 spell power unit.

Best Duo Classes

After playing dozens of games, we understood that Engineer is playing the main role in every fight scenario with his toolkit, and being relevant with every other class alongside.

The second best pick is Hunter, the strongest damage dealing class with insane mobility and damage rate. They are the best duo to play, having a long-range threat with Hunter’s longbow, mid-range poke with Blast cannon and close fight potential with a constant spam of Barricade and Healing totem by Engineer and proper usage of spells like Flair and Tumble to disengage and always keep track of your enemies.

Realm Royale Frost Longbow

So your spell prioritisation should always be focused on having flair plus fire blast with at least epic Dodge Roll (if not – substitute Fire Blast with Withdraw for extra mobility and utility). For Engineer, try to find your barricade and healing totem as soon as possible, with this spell combo Hunter can hide and shoot people behind your wall. Also, Hunter or other damage classes like Assassin and Mage don’t have passive heal ability, so your Healing Totem is crucial to restore health and keep it high all the time. If you feel like bursting instead of shooting long shots – substitute Hunter for Mage. Try to rotate your Iceblock with Barricade to be invulnerable for most of the time.

Engineer Quick Tip

Don’t forget that Barricade works from both sides, meaning you can run through back and forth to dodge attacks from every angle. Also, use your Turret as a shield, it can block a few direct shots.

Best Squad Classes

Playing as a squad gives you a variety of playstyles, ranging from last stance way with Walls and Barricades, and full fiesta mode playing 4 mages.
Having warrior and engineer together will make you forget about using health potions and also gives you a perfect sequence of spells to defend and refresh and recharge your teammates for the next skirmish. For the perfect combat performance, you should have consistent Long/Mid/Close range damage, so having Hunter alongside Mage and two Engineers would make the best liaison between defence and offence.

Realm Royale Frost Longbow

If you playing as three, you should be able to face a full squad of 4 people against you. Best pick in our opinion should be Mage/Engineer/Mage or Mage/Engineer/Engineer, having burst damage and great sustain gives you options to constantly poke, refresh and engage team fights and killing people one by one, without losing your comrades with properly used Ice Block or Barrier. Play around your Fireball cooldown, since you can one-shot your enemy with a two used together, following a single shot of Stonespear. Also, do not forget that your enemies are always expecting your 4th member, and you should always play around it. If you see people crafting their spells – fly in and create chaos with a pair of Fireballs plus Firebomb or Deploy turret. Repeat those constantly refreshing with Ice Block, try to burst the same target, and you should be fine winning every team fight.

Squad Quick Tip

Playing as a squad means you going to be attacked four times more, that’s why you should always pay attention to the number of people you killing, to avoid getting killed by a lonely assassin, whose team you just chicken’d.