Learn Realm Royale – Everything you need to know

Realm Royale: Everything You Must Know | In under 5 minutes


In these 5 minutes you will Learn Realm Royale. Everything you need to know about all aspects of Realm Royale so you could start utilizing everything the game has to offer to maximize your potential. This is going to be from simple things to advanced mechanics of the game that are not so evident in the beginning and i’m sure advanced players will also learn something new here.

Here it is boy.

Game Knowledge

There are 5 classes to pick from. When starting a new match, players will spawn as their last used class from a previous match. So don’t worry going afk for a bit at the start, you will have your priority class selected.

When you jump out of the airship, the falling speed is the same when flying vertically or horizontally, so it’s totally opposite to what Pubg or Fortnite has. Make sure to jump as soon as possible if you are planning to land in the first zones.

Btw. I’m going fast so you could get maximum information in the minimum time. If something is unclear, ask in the comments and we will make sure to clarify.

As you land. Go for the houses and loot weapons first, not potions so you can attac and protec asap. If you land far from the house. Mount up. Press Z. Get on the horse and rush to the house. When you enter the house you dismount, if you play mage, for example, use your F to clear the house at a faster pace.

You want to equip 2 weapons and 2 spells, disenchant everything else you don’t need by clicking X, and rush to the forge. Forges are located on the map. There you should armor up by crafting legendary tier armor. Class Weapons, legendary spells, and drinks that you can use to regenerate your vitals. Armor and health.

One item can be crafted per forge. It takes 60 seconds to craft these items. While you are crafting them everyone can see the process who are close to the forge and hear the hammering. You wanna leave the forge to continue looting or hold the forge if you are crafting potions, since they are crafted in less time. Keep in mind that forges are the most traffic intensive places. My advice is to do this. People are lured to the forge when they see stuff crafting because they can loot them once crafted after 10 seconds. So trap them.

Oh. But you can’t craft your weapon. Because you don’t have a chicken trophy.

You get it when you have downed a guy, then he turns into a chicken, when you kill the chicken you get 1 chicken trophy that you can pick up. There is no reason to get more than 2 chicken legs cause you can craft only 1 class weapon in the game right now. Though they plan on adding more class weapons later. So leave other chickens to your friends so they can get a trophy too. But keep in mind. After 30 seconds, the person turns back from the chicken to his normal form. So don’t die waiting too long. Finish the damn thing if your friends are slow.

As you finish crafting at one forge. Check the map and head over to another one. After the fights you should have tons of shards from disenchanting all the items. Use them to craft more legendary armour and spells. The higher the tier the better not only the armor but legendary armor also starts giving buffs. Check your inventory to see which item improve which stats exactly.

Combat & Mechanics Basics

Let’s cover combat and mechanics worth knowing.

Your movement spells can be used mid air. But you don’t take fall damage in this game. When in trouble and you are overrun with enemies – disengage with your F spell, hide, mount up and get the fuck out. Heal up, reset. And get back in there if you can handle it. As soon as you get hit while mounted – you get dismounted.

You cannot stand on building roofs, but you can get on top when you are getting chased and slide down slowly to lose the enemy if you need to.

Warriors are fucking ridiculous with their gap closers like their F spells and charge. These cunts tend to equip swords, btw, any class can wear swords. But since warrior is very mobile they will be jumping you so you better disengage instantly and build some distance since swords hurt like hell. Early game you die from 2-3 swings.

I guarantee you will forget to use spells at the start as you are getting into the game, so don’t forget to use spells, this will be the difference between whether your or your enemy will turn into poultry.

At the start, combine your spells to have 1 damaging and one sustain spell and balance your weapon choice according. Start off with 1 long- range and 1 short-range weapon like shotgun or revolver, don’t pick revolver, it’s shit, unless you are a CSGO player or practiced flick shots. If you aint McCree, you no take revolverie.

All weapons have infinite ammo just like in Overwatch. There is fall off damage on almost every weapon except legendary class weapons and this rifle and poison pistol. Correct if I’m wrong.

Recent changes made it possible to reload your ammo while using your health/armour potions.

Also when you see smoke from the forge – somebody is crafting SHIT.

Your Perfect Class

Having 5 classes to choose from, Realm Royale gives you the option to pick actual play style that fits you.

If you feel like bursting with spells for huge chunks of damage and firing rocks? – Mage is your choice.

Hunter and Assassin give you damage from long range and a mobile utility kit.

Warrior and Engineer are safe picks to heal up and refresh any time in fight, with abililites to jump insanely high MUCH WOW.

Final Thoughts

Did you notice the damage number colors when you hit an enemy, some numbers are gold and some are red. Gold means you hit the targets armor for this amount of damage, red means you are destroying his health now, yeah small things, but they matter. This gives you the ability to understand how close to death the enemy actually is.

With this information you are ready to get started and you already know things most people still finding out.