Realm Royale Elemental Weapons. They have been introduced into the game recently, and while it seems that most people treat Frost Weapon to be the best out of the 3 existing, here are classes and cases where you are better off using Fire or Spirit. In this episode, we’ll explain what fights should you take and how you should approach combat depending on the type of elemental enchantment you got in your hands.

We’ll start with classes and then transition into different playstyles and combat situations that would benefit from each element.


While most of the classes are generally better off with the frost element, there is one that is better off with Fire or Spirit. Here are 2 seconds to guess… You are correct. Assassin.

Realm Royale Frost Longbow

Warrior, assassin, hunter & engineer benefit significantly from frost due to the 50% slow reduction. Why? Because it increases the chance of their next attack/spell to successfully land on the impaired target, which simplifies the game for them to a huge extent.

Assassin on the other hand simply doesn’t have the reload speed to be able to benefit from the 1 seconds slow that the frost weapon gives which explains the need to use another elemental weapon: fire or spirit.

You wanna use fire on the assassin to have 2 deadly body shots. Since the sniper rifle does 1100 damage, having fire enchantment adds 100 more fire damage to the shot, resulting in 1200 damage from a single successful shot. This makes it possible for you to kill target in 2 body shots if the enemy doesn’t have a legendary chest plate that regenerates 15hp per second or if the enemy doesn’t manage to heal between 2 of your shots.

Realm Royale Elemental Fire Damage

You still wont be able to get the enemy down with 2 shots when they are fully geared for the same reason. Even though your 2 body shots deal 2400 damage which exactly equals to health + full armour of the target, that small regeneration gives the target the ability to survive your shots with 30-60 health left due to passive heal. Keep in mind that you also won’t burst a warrior due to his passive heal. But overall, fire still gives that bonus damage for your heavy shots which often can be the difference between which one of you gets to be the “chicken music”. Overall, Fire elemental weapon is more efficient especially when you are playing with someone, that makes it possible for both of you or your squad to burst someone down faster.

Now, Spirit on Assassin. An inbuilt hack in the game that allows you to see the enemy through the wall. If you get the spirit element you should utilize it by taking fights in the buildings and cities, you will have the upper hand in fights because you will be able to track the movement of the person you are trading shots with if you manage to successfully hit him once. A wall vision for a brief duration gives you the ability to line up your second shot on the target to win a fight due to you being the one taking the 1st shot, and its a common fact that action is always faster than reaction. Unless you are mesmerized by looking at the gorgeous mage face, then you are fucked.

Play Styles

So you crafted a weapon. And it’s an elemental, congrats. Which one is it? Fire, Spirit or Frost. Each of these are best used in different situations by any class. Yes, Frost is often the number one choice for all classes other than assassin, but here are situations where fire & spirit are better, and these are exactly the situations you want to end up with and the fights you want to take if you have any enchantment other than frost.

Fighting in the open field will put you at a disadvantage compared to the enemy that is wielding a frost weapon. Once you are hit, 3 other people will have a better chance of melting you down in a second. Instead, pick fighting inside cities and houses. Here is why. When everyone is fighting in the city frost doesn’t really make any sense does it? Since if you slow the enemy you are trading with, he will just step back behind the window or the wall that he is hugging, this is exactly why fire & spirit are better, because with fire you will have better kill potential and bigger burst with your teammates, and spirit will allow you to predict the movement and have a beautiful headshot lineup on your target.

Our Thoughts

This is why you get advantage from any elemental enchantment you receive once you put yourself into situations where such elemental weapon is best utilised.